Printable Kawaii House Stickers – SKH014

Kawaii house stickers
Kawaii house stickers

“Printable Kawaii House Stickers” are a type of cute and adorable stickers that can be printed out and used to decorate various objects and surfaces. They are designed in a Japanese “kawaii” style, which is characterized by their playful, childlike, and charming appearance.

The stickers usually feature different designs of houses, buildings, and homes, but with a kawaii twist. For example, the houses may have cute and quirky shapes, pastel colors, and unique details like hearts, stars, and rainbows. These stickers can be used to add a touch of charm and personality to a wide range of objects, such as notebooks, laptops, phone cases, water bottles, and much more.

Free Download Printable Kawaii House Stickers

Do NOT use the low-quality images below as they are compressed and not suitable for printing. Use the download button to get the high-quality transparent printable kawaii house stickers.

File Type: Transparent PNG

Cat Peeker Sticker Specs: The stickers are around 2.5 inches in height.

Other Size Stickers: Contact us for resizing any Sticker ( Nominal charges of $1.99)


Need a smaller or bigger size for these stickers? We can resize any of these stickers in high-quality printable format for a low cost.

$1.99 – Resize any 3 Stickers
$4.99 – Resize any 10 Stickers
$9.99 – Resize any 25 stickers

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